DO you have a facebook or instagram?

i do have an instagram.

you're a total cutie, i'm glad you got into gg!

gee whiz, thanks :3

oh thats right, tumblr exists.

You trapped me when the lightning split the sky.
Where the ozone cracked and let in the light.
It was so dark down here, I’d forgotten where the door was.

But there’s venom in the locks and oil in the floorboards.
Wrought my wasted time to ashes,
and to dust, my crooked visions.

These cables are my tendons.
                    down they stretch.

Maybe its your skin that im drunk off this evening.
Your skin. Your poison. You’re poison.
My ear is to the wall, but an ivory cage is listening back.

I’ll breathe to your ticking. 
And write songs to your rhythm.
There’s a glimmer inside of you.
hungry and frozen.

 I’ll sleep through the winter static and the howling won’t awaken me.
There are no wolves.
This hell is too cold for poets.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so fucking disappointed…